If not now, when? Relaxion day

Just get out, don't have to work, let yourself be taken care of. Pause, create space, rediscover yourself - feel yourself again. Often easier said than done. Hand on heart: doesn't everyone else come too often, everything else mostly before me? A small step can be the first to enjoy life and work more. Nobody else is important on this day, just myself. A day with light exercises, such as a simplified Thai-Chi, a time of designed silence - but above all with time for me, at the lake, in the surrounding nature...

Target group:

  • Employees of the St. Elisabeth Foundation, the subsidiaries and their holdings, as well as those interested in the subsidiaries and their Holdings, employees in social institutions and pastoral care as well interested
  • Max. number of participant 16
  • Management of team members of the pastoral care department


  • Registration Deadline10. 11. 2022
  • Costs 50,00 € (externals)
  • St. Elisabeth-Stiftung, pastoral care
  • Phone 07524 906-126

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