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Many spaces for encounters

Our chapel St. Teresia

The Moos chapel with wonderful glass windows from a Steyler sister would regularly be a spiratual meeting point by church services. Every year the windows would be decorated with flowers from the garden. On special days and holidays there would be flower arrangements arranged which pleased everybody.In some years there could be a guest choir who sung according tot he wishes of the sisters.
Our chapel is also popular with various musicians, it has a very good acoustic and is vavoured for concerts, choirs and various instrumentalists

Prayer times

Welcome the morning:
So, Mo, We, Th, Sa
Ending the day at the evening:
So, Mo, We (Nov - Mrc), We
For the night:
We (Apr - Oct)
Welcome sunday:

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Time to pause

Every year on Good Friday, Christians come together to commemorate the suffering and death of Jesus. They often follow the way of the cross, the way that Jesus walked from his condemnation to his death on the cross. Ways of the Cross radiate a special spirituality. The Stations of the Cross with the artistic mosaic images in Eriskirch were made in 1966 and set up in our adjacent forest. Our Way of the Cross invites you to look at the individual stations, to stop, to pause for a moment or to pray in silence.

The little way

The little way

so much good

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„"The little way" connects new and old forms of spiritual life, spiritual and Christian encounters. You have many opportunities to take a little break, to find peace and balance, to take a step back, to collect energy, to breathe deeply, to feel, to live. "The Little Way" invites you to talk together, to meditate, to linger quietly, to pray together, to practice ecumenism and forms a community for people who are looking.

The Steyler Missionary sisters

2017 started in what was previously the Kloster Moos die Gemeinschaft „Der kleine Weg“ der Steyler Missionary sisters. For over 90 years have the sisters of the Holy St..Teresia von Lisieux“ als Patronin Eriskirch chosen, because she taught people that the simplicity of relationship with God leads to inner freedom, maturity and greater love. The aim of the Steyler Missionary Sisters is to preserve and further develop this spiritual place.

Time for music

harmonious sounds
in beautiful acoustics

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