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Welcome to our guesthouse

The guesthouse lies in a fantastic position on the southeastern coast of Lake Constance between Friedrichshafen and Langenargen in an area full of orchards, woods and open country perfect for peace and quiet, and provides you with friendly hospitality and the opportunity to escape from everyday life.

Perfect location near Lake Constance

At the widest point of Lake Constance, there is the Swabian shore with a breathtaking view of the Swiss mountains and the Säntis (2.502 m) opposite. Friedrichshafen is located directly on the lake and is bordered by an agricultural hinterland. Sailors and motorboat drivers will find the largest water sports center on Lake Constance at the mouth of the river Schussen, while hikers and cyclists especially appreciate the charming hills of the hinterland with its hop gardens, vineyards and orchards. The zeppelin city of Friedrichshafen attracts visitors with its Mediterranean flair. The shore of Lake Constance - an area full of contrasts, embedded in an enchanting landscape.

Our location

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Our Restaurant

It is said that love passes in general through the stomach, therefore we put a lot of value on our culinary selection depending on the season. You can book bed and breakfast, half-board or full-board. In our restaurant there is a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of room. Our buffet supplies you with enough choice for breakfast, lunch or evening meal. Guests booking half-board can also choose from our weekly menu. In our lobby there are coffee specialities and drinks provided for you all day. If you decide to take a day trip we can provide you with a packed lunch, simply order it at the reception. For example the following choices are regularly available:

Space to enjoy

weekly changing


Specialities from the buffet

• Various salades
• Minestrone soup
• Turkey slices in Swiss sauce with rice and vegetables
• vegetarian spring roll
• coconut panna cotta with mango

Barrier-free areas

All areas of our hotel are barrier-free, therefore handicapped guests are most welcome and we wish you a pleasant and problem-free stay. The parking area and hotel entrance are flat which makes all areas of the hotel easily reachable.

The large garden areas invite you to relax and feel comfortable

How to reach us


Before over 90 years the Sisters of the Steyler Missionary Society renovated a former farmhouse into a guesthouse.  Over the years the guesthouse has been further renovated and extended. Since 2013 the guesthouse has been managed by the St. Elizabeth Missionary Society which belongs to the Franciscan Sisters of  Reute, providing this place with hospitality and spirituality. The parton of our guesthaus is the Holy Theresia of Lisieux“.

Some interesting dates

1257 First known naming of Eriskirchs
until 1472 Belonged to the Konstanz Mission
End of 14th century Eriskirch became a place
  of pilgamage
1818 Moos became a part of Eriskirch
1928 The farmhouse Moos, due to
  the Steler Missionary Society
  buying it became a convent
1929/30 The convent was built
  into a Guesthouse
1959 Renovation and rebuilding
  of the church
1983 Modernisation of garden
  restaurant, lounge and
  a new entrance areas
2013 Sold to the
  St. Elizabeth Mission
2013-2018 Renovation of rooms,
  main entrance and lobby.
  Two rooms made for
  handicapped persons accessible
2019-2021 Renovation of restaurant, play
  room and pilgrim room

Very personnel memories

Memories of the Theresienheim Nunnery Moos from Ms. Christa Ihn

The beginning of the „Era Moos“ in my life:

Some time ago I was on holiday on Lake Constance. There is a „Nunnery Moos“ Earlier it was an old peoples home, the people were cared for by the Sisters of the Steyler Mission. A short time afterwards the house was partly rebuilt and renovated to accomodate families who wished to holiday in the area. The catering is excellent, bathing possibilities exist on the banks of Lake Constance and the prices are extremely reasonable. That would be something for everyone, just try it sometime.

The full story

looking back with
Ms. Christa Ihn

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Living inclusion

We are an integrative business, we help old people and people with disabilities. We are there to help when people need it. In 1999 the Franciscan sisters from Reute founded the St. Elisabeth foundation, who left their mark with their charitable work 150 years ago in Upper-Suebian.

Our heart,
the foundation

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The St. Elisabeth Foundation

The foundation has more than 2.700 staff between Ulm and Lake Constance, and supports around 6.000 people in the area. We are committed to help persons with disabilities, geriatric welfare, hospice, child and youth welfare services.


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